Hey, I’ve Put My New Shoes On & Suddenly Everything Is Right | Outfit

La la la, does anyone remember the song I’ve used in the title? It’s an old but good (and catchy) one. 🎶 Anyway, this blog post is not about the song lyric I’ve used as a title, it’s about the outfit I am wearing this in post! It has been awhile since I last put up an outfit post but that’s just because of the weather we’ve been having in The Netherlands. Right now, it’s actually gotten a bit better and I can already seen spring coming through. This outfit post is kind of combined with some photos of a beautiful part of Leiden. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Knit Striped Sweater: Vila via The Stone € 34,95 | Black Jeans: ICHI via Zalando € 49,95

Of course I am starting this outfit post off with my very favorite sweater at the moment. If I could wear this sweater everyday, I think I would. This winter I’ve really been into large knit sweaters. These are pretty hard to find if you don’t want to pay a lot of money. I bought mine especially a size larger so it would look oversized. Is it just me or are oversizes clothing items just the best? A plus with this sweater is that it is also striped. If you would have a look in my closet, you would see I have so many different striped clothing items, it’s ridiculous haha.

I believe I have talked about my struggle finding the perfect kind of jeans before. In a previous outfit post I was wearing a grey pair of ICHI jeans and since I got those, I had been wearing them tons. For awhile I had been looking for a black pair as well and a couple of weeks ago, I finally found it! So if you’re also struggling to finding jeans that fit right and are also comfortable, definitely check these out (I also saw they now have a dark denim kind so that might be on my wish list at the moment).

Black Jean Jacket: Pull & Bear  € 19,99 | Grey Scarf: C&A € 12,90

While we were taking these photos, the sun kept peeking through the clouds. So even though it might look a little grey in the photos, the weather was pretty nice. To get more into the spring spirit, I thought I would get my jean jacket out the back of the closet again. If you’re not sure because it’s still a little chilly outside, just wear a thick sweater underneath (like I did).

Like I just said, it was still a little chilly to just wear a sweater and a jean jacket. That’s when a scarf comes in handy. For some time I was looking for the perfect grey scarf and as you can see, I found it. I just wanted a simple but soft scarf that I could wear with everything I have. The only down side of this scarf is that when I am wearing a certain type of black jeans, small pieces of the scarf stick to the jeans, which is awful. So I know now what jeans I should put on when I really want to wear this scarf haha.

Superstar Shoes: Adidas via Omoda € 109,95

And then on to the main thing in this outfit. From the title you can already tell what this outfit post is kind of about, and that’s about my new shoes. When it’s still warm outside, I always start looking for new booties and when it was still very cold, I started looking for a new pair of sneakers. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I always go for white sneakers. 👟 For some time I had been eyeing a pair of Superstar sneakers from Adidas but I didn’t want to buy the basic kind, so I went with a patterned pair. You can’t really tell in the photos because they are so white, but the leather is cut out in small squares so it gives a pretty awesome effect when you walk. It kind of exposes the black as well, which I really like. These shoes will definitely be my go-to pair of sneakers for the spring and summer.

This was a pretty casual outfit but I am just all about wearing comfortable clothes (and most of the time they turn out to be black and white, oops). At first, I really had to get used to wearing sneakers instead of booties but now I’ve been wearing my new shoes almost every single day. If the weather stays this way, you’ll definitely be seeing some more outfits posts on here. Btw, next month Thoughts in Style turns three, which I am very excited about. I will make sure it feels like a little party every Wednesday in April… 🎈 Did you like this outfit? What are your favorite pair of sneakers?




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68 responses to “Hey, I’ve Put My New Shoes On & Suddenly Everything Is Right | Outfit

  1. Zo leuk die sneakers! Ze zijn in en bljiven ‘in’ precies!
    Wat heb je een leuke reportage gemaakt, trouwens!
    Ik koop elk seizoen wel sneakers, maar telkens een ander merk. Ik hou me niet vast aan één merkje.
    Maar vroeger was ik wel een Nike fan! :)

  2. Onwijs leuke outfit! En de goldies.. Superstars ha! Hier ook favoriet. Nu nog een paartje zien te scoren in babymaatje, dan heeft iedereen hier in huis dezelfde stappers haha

  3. Staan je erg goed die adiadas sneakers! Altijd een goed keuze en een toffe outfit!
    Ik heb niet echt favoriete sneakers, maar als ik moet kiezen misschien ook witte maar dan van h&m

  4. Ik had meteen ‘t liedje uit de titel weer in m’n hoofd, haha. Ik hoop maar dat ik het er vandaag nog uit krijg. Prachtige foto’s heb je gemaakt, mooie locatie zeg. Je outfit vind ik ook wel tof, lekker casual. De schoenen zijn heel tof, die zou ik zelf ook wel willen.

  5. Love your sneakers! My favorite sneakers at this moment are my Nikes. Cool setting by the way!

  6. Mijn favoriete sneakers zijn alle witte of roze sneakers! :) Daar word ik altijd gelukkig van.

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  8. Such pretty pictures. We’ve only made it to Amsterdam so far. The food was amazing. Hopefully we’ll get to explore more of the country. Do you have any favorite cities?

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