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April is a pretty special month for Thoughts in Style (without scrolling further into this post, do you already know why?)… That’s why I wanted to start this month of with the favorites I’ve discovered (or maybe even rediscovered) over the past months. For the title you can see there is something to celebrate and you’ll read more about that in the next part of this blog post… But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy reading all about my favorite things and maybe you will discover some new things as well!

If you’ve been following Thoughts in Style for a while, you might know that I actually put up the first post on Thoughts in Style on April 9, 2014. That means April is the official birthday month of Thoughts in Style! 🍾 🎉 I think it’s so weird that three (!) years ago I started blogging. When you’re scrolling through some of my first posts, you can definitely see that through the years I’ve developed a lot when it comes to taking photos and writing. Thoughts in Style is a place where I can express myself and share it with the rest of the world at the same time. I just want to say thank you for reading my blog and always leaving such nice comments. Cheers to the next couple of (blogging) years! 🥂

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I just really felt like buying a magazine. In magazines you see so many things and I always get tons of inspiration from it, that’s a really big reason why I got Linda.meiden. This is a magazine especially for young adults and it’s full of subjects that young adults are interested in, like fashion and social media. Whenever I didn’t feel inspired at all, I would grab Linda.meiden and just look through it.

There are actually two YouTubers I’ve been watching non-stop over the past month. The first YouTuber I discovered is Jamie Li. She was actually featured in Linda.meiden and she posts weekly vlogs of her family and business life. Jamie Li has the cutest little family and a great sense of style. Why I keep watching her vlogs is definitely because she’s really honest and also very funny. The second YouTuber is Kendall Rae. If you know me, I am really into watching documentaries and conspiracy theory videos. Kendall posts the best conspiracy theory videos and she also started a series called “Where is …”, where she talks about missing person cases and these are so interesting! Definitely worth watching if you’re into that as well.

The last favorite of this post is actually a hotspot. When I have a day off from school, I love to visit my grandma and spend the day with her. Most of the time when I visit her, we go to a garden centre, called De Bosrand. At this garden centre they don’t only have plants, they also sell interior items and there is a restaurant as well. My grandma and I mostly go through the first part, sit down at the restaurant for a bit and then walk through the rest of the gardening centre. Above you can see that the restaurant has a botanical vibe, which I love. Besides that, they also have an area filled with succulents and lots of different sized cacti and that’s where I get all my plants from 🌿

I always really enjoy writing these Loves Lately posts but of course I do have to have favorite things, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to write a post like this haha. Like I said at the beginning of this post, this month is Thoughts in Style’s third birthday so you can expect lots of awesome blog posts. Get excited! What do you think of this blog post? What is your favorite thing at the moment? 




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36 responses to “Hooray! Let’s Celebrate Something Special Today | Loves Lately

  1. Je foto’s zijn altijd zoooo mooi! En ik zocht nog naar een leuk magazine (met veel fashion!) voor flatlays. Die heb ik gevonden nu, leuk :) Ik zal eens kijken in de winkel naar dat tijdschrift.

  2. Mooie foto’s! En wat leuk dat je inspiratie haalt uit magazines! Dat zou ik ook eens vaker moeten doen. Goed idee. Ook de linda meiden heb ik nooit gelezen en dacht net spontaan: waarom eigenlijk niet?? Dus die ga ik binnenkort kopen denk ik

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