Alright Spring, Do Your Thing | Essentials: Spring

Yes, I am definitely ready for spring. Spring means lots of flowers everywhere, blue skies and thinner clothing items. For a couple of other seasons I have done an essentials blog post as well, so of course I had to do one for spring as well! In this post I’ve listed five essentials that I really can’t go without during spring. Some of them you might recognize from outfit posts and others are fairly new trends I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy 🌷

Pink Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger via De Bijenkorf € 34,90


For spring season, you can always rely on all of the beautiful pastel colors. But there’s one in particular that’s really on trend and I am talking about all things pink. I’ve been seeing so many pink colored clothing items, like shirts, bomber jackets and bags. One of my favorite pink colored item at the moment, is my pink shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s just very simple because of the small logo detailing and also the material of the shirt is very soft. Something I will be wearing tons during spring!


In a previous outfit post I talked about the fact that it is pretty difficult to find a jacket to wear when spring weather kicks in. Spring in The Netherlands is pretty unpredictable and that’s why I mostly wear thick jacket to begin with or paired with a scarf. Since the weather has been pretty nice over the past couple of weeks, I’ve wearing a bomber jacket as a coat. This one does not only have a really cute color (who doesn’t love baby blue?), the material is also really nice. It’s not too thick but also not too thin, which makes it great to wear during spring time here!

Bomber Jacket: Vero Moda € 39,95 | Light Blue Crossbody Bag: Topshop via De Bijenkorf € 34,00


We are staying in the pastel theme with this next item. But it’s not only about the color, it’s all about the crossbody bag. I always grab a big bag to take with me on the go. Maybe it’s because I take my MacBook with me a lot of the time and therefore I need a bigger bag. But why would I still take a big bag with me if I only need something to hold my keys, phone and wallet? That’s why I think a crossbody bag is a real essential. Just like any other bag, I like my crossbody bag to look very simple and that’s why I like this one from Topshop a lot. And yes, it’s also a spring essential because of the lovely light blue color (which may be one of my favorite colors at the moment).

Superstar Sneakers: Adidas € 109,95


I had to include one of my favorite items to wear during spring and summer. Of course I am talking about my well beloved white sneakers. Like I say in a lot of outfit posts, I always buy a new pair of white sneakers when spring weather arrives and I think white sneakers are a staple in every wardrobe. They are very easy to pair with any outfit and there is such a big selection of white sneakers, that I am sure you’ll find a pair you like as well.


One thing I have been seeing a lot more, are enamel pins. You might remember these from back in the day. I remember having pins like these on my backpack and jean jacket. Of course when I was younger the pins would be very colorful and crazy. Now I tent to wear a lot of neutral colored clothing items so it is very fun to dress these up with pins like the ones I got. I think I will wear them on my bomber jacket since the rose gold looks really nice in combination with the light blue.

“Girl Gang” & “Avocado” Pins: Old English Company € 4,23

And those were all of the items I wanted to share with you! I know not everyone has the same essentials for a season but I really like mine because they really bring me in the spring spirit. Since the weather has been getting a lot better in The Netherlands, I’ve been wearing the items listed above (and pastel colors) a lot more and I’ve been loving it. If I find some new trends I like, I will definitely share these in another one of these posts really soon. What are your ultimate spring essentials? Do you like mine?



This was posted in collaboration with De Bijenkorf


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90 responses to “Alright Spring, Do Your Thing | Essentials: Spring

  1. Wat een gave foto’s! En tja, die items zijn inderdaad echte musthaves. Witte sneakers en een roze shirtje of top mogen ook bij mij absoluut niet ontbreken. Zodra de eerste lekkere zonnestralen te voorschijn komen, ren ik op mijn witte Nikes de straat op :-) Die pins zijn ook super schattig trouwens!

  2. All of these are gorgeous. It’s coming into Autumn here, so they wouldn’t be very practible for me at the moment :)

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  5. Woow zie er geweldig uit, zou ik binnekort samen met mijn verloofde ook wel eens willen doen. Ik blijf je volgen,

    Alvast dank vor de inspiratie !



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