A Piece For Everyone | Pluk, Amsterdam

I have never been so excited about a notification before until I saw a notification from Pluk. At first I didn’t really understand why I would get a notification but when I opened up my Instagram, I saw that Lotte and I won a breakfast at Pluk through a contest they did on their page. Whenever I am in Amsterdam, I always walk by Pluk but I have never been there and ate something. So Lotte and I were really excited to finally go there and of course I had to share this hotspot with you 🌿

Pluk | Reestraat 19, Amsterdam

The Nine Streets are my favorite place in Amsterdam and that’s where Pluk is located. Pluk is a boutique where you can eat all kinds of different healthy things. They are open every single day of the week for breakfast and lunch. At Pluk they find health really important and that’s why they use lots of fruits in their smoothies and Açaí bowls. Besides that they also make different vegans dishes, which I would like to try as well.

One thing that will catch your eye when you walk in, is the interior. There is a lot of white, marble and plants all over the place, which make it looks very homey. Besides that, they have all of their healthy snacks, but also slightly unhealthy cakes displayed on the counter. This will make you hungry instantly, I promise. Anyways, all of these elements make Pluk look very photogenic because you’ll want to take photos of everything.

“Pluk is for everyone who loves healthy and happy people. With us, you can be yourself”

When we entered Pluk, we were greeted by the lovely Pluk girls. Once we told the girls that we were the winners of a Pluk breakfast through Instagram, we got told what we could choose from the breakfast part of the menu. We actually got to choose two drinks, a pressed or squeezed juice and a cup of coffee or tea. Lotte went for a Blushing Boost, which is a pressed juice with banana, apple, red cabbage and kiwi, and a cup of tea. On the other hand I went for a freshly squeezed apple juice and a mint tea. We took our drinks and a menu upstairs so we could have a look at what kind of breakfast we would like to have.

Pluk has a large selection of different dishes on the menu (you can actually have a look at it yourself here). One thing from the breakfast menu caught my eye, the pancakes with fresh fruit. You can choose to add chocolate, maple syrup or icing sugar as a topping. In the end Lotte and I both went for the pancakes, but Lotte got chocolate as a topping and I got icing sugar. In the photos above you can see what the pancakes looked like and let me tell you, they were delicious! 🥞

Besides the lovely food, they also have a webshop. Some of the items they sell online, are also displayed and available in the Pluk boutique. I’ve ordered from their webshop before because everything is just so cute. I am sure you will want to have all of the different phone cases and buy every single interior piece for your home. Oh, and they also have these awesome gift boxes, which are great to give to someone for their birthday.

When we finished our delicious pancakes, we spent a little time at Pluk because we both found it a very relaxing place. Since we wanted to go to some other places in Amsterdam as well, we thanked the lovely Pluk girls for the great service and very delicious food and went to explore Amsterdam some more. As you can tell from this blog post, I definitely recommend this hotspot. So if you want to visit Pluk as well, you can find them at Reestraat 19 in Amsterdam. Have you ever been to Pluk? What is your favorite hotspot at the moment? 🌷




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74 responses to “A Piece For Everyone | Pluk, Amsterdam

  1. I reconized the name, But i’ve never went there. It Looks like a place I would Go. My favorite place at the moment is Una Volta in Culemborg

  2. Ik kende pluk wel, maar nog nooit geweest. Maar moet er dus zeker heen wat zien die pannenkoeken er te heerlijk uit..

  3. Ik ben er zelf nog nooit geweest, maar hoor zoveel goede verhalen! Deze foto’s zijn ook wel erg mooi: misschien toch een keer gaan kijken!

  4. Het ziet er superhip uit. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord. Lijkt me zeker leuk er eens heen te gaan.

  5. Wat een leuk plekje! Ik kom bijna nooit in Amsterdam, maar als ik er ben loop ik uiteraard wel even door de negen straatjes. Leuk, Pluk zal ik in mijn achterhoofd houden! Die pancakes zien er ook heerlijk uit.

  6. love your blog what a great way for self expression. We recently launched our blog

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