Displaying Beautiful Flower Arrangements In Your Home | How To Style: Flowers

You are able to find so many different kinds of plants, succulents and cacti all over my bedroom. During spring and summer it is also nice to have some pretty flowers displayed around the house. For some reason I had seen tons of flower arrangements on Pinterest and I just wanted to create my own! In this blog post I am sharing how to chose the flowers, what you can display the flowers in and how you can make the perfect arrangement with some simple tips 💐

✿ Choosing flowers

First things first, you have to start this process by choosing the flowers you want to work with. I have been really into wild flower bouquets. These are bouquets that consist of random flowers that are mostly picked in a field. But you can also create this with combining different size and types of flowers. You don’t have to go in a field and pick flowers, but if you have that option, I would definitely recommend that since you’ll save money.

I went to a flower shop and picked a couple of flowers that looked good together. When I was picking the flowers I actually started with a white one and then added a couple of other ones. Since it is spring (and almost summer) I wanted to stick to a colorful theme with tons of pink tones in it. In my wild flower selection you’ll see a pink rose, another pink gladiolus, white cow parsley (which I actually did pick in a field) and a couple more.

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

✿ How to display

Before you’re making the flower arrangement, I would recommend finding something you want to put the arrangement in and where you want to put it. This way you can keep in mind when you’re arranging where it’s going to be in your home. Of course you can chose a simple vase to put your flowers in. But I’d rather have the flowers in something that makes the flowers look even better. That’s why I like to display my arrangement in these handmade terrariums from Keskös.

First I have this square terrarium, which you can put anywhere you want to but I mostly just display it on the cabinets in my bedroom. As you are able to tell from the photos below, you can easily stick flowers into the square terrarium because of the stabilization part in the middle. This isn’t only for flowers, you can also put little cacti in there and display those in a very unique way. Besides the square one, I also have a wall terrarium. A wall terrarium is a must have for every home because now you can also display flowers (or cacti) on your wall and not only on a table or cabinet. Keskös has even more handmade terrariums available in different colors, shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone!

✿ Arranging the flowers

Now it’s finally time to start arranging the flowers you’ve chosen! To make the process of arranging the flowers a little bit easier, I’ve divided this process up into four steps:

#1 After you’ve chosen what you want to arrange your flowers in, fill the terrarium or vase with water and add a little bit of chlorine. The chlorine will make sure that the flowers last longer so you can enjoy them for a very long time.

#2 Lay all of your flowers out individually so you can see what you are working with. When you’ve done that, you can put flowers next to each other that look good together. This can be based on color or size. It’s your choice because you decide what the flower arrangement will eventually look like.

#3 Before putting the flowers into the terrarium or vase, cut the stems and get rid of the excess leaves. When you’re cutting the stems, make sure your flowers are the same height.

#4 After all that, you can start with arranging the flowers. Start with the large flowers, than add the smaller ones. When you want your arrangement to look a little fuller, you can add greenery as well.

And when you’ve followed all the steps, your arrangement is finished! Of course you can always change things up a little when it doesn’t look right. In the photos above you can see what mine looks like. It has written “wild flower bouquet vibe” all over it, I think. Since my bedroom is mostly filled with cacti and succulents, it’s fun to change it up a bit with flowers like these. Do you like wild flower bouquets as well? Have you ever made your own flower arrangement?



This was posted in collaboration with Keskös


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53 responses to “Displaying Beautiful Flower Arrangements In Your Home | How To Style: Flowers

  1. Really nice work! The terrariums are awesome. I wish I had more time to create things like that too. Keep up the good work; really like your blog!

  2. Wat een goede tips! Ik zie dit soort boeketten steeds vaker en vind ze echt prachtig.

  3. Wauw deze bloemen zien er echt fantastisch uit!!! Zelf begin ik altijd met het voornemen om de bloemen ook bij te houden en op tijd nieuwe te kopen. Uiteindelijk lukt het me dan niet.

  4. Aaahhh mooi! Ik hou helaas bloemen en planten niet lang in leven haha. Ben er zo slecht in :I

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