The Best Stories Are Found Between The Pages Of A Passport | Essentials: Holiday

In a little over a month summer break will officially start in The Netherlands. A summer break (and a holiday trip) are always exciting to look forward to, but also brings some stress. What do I still have laying around my closet? What are the latest trends? Where can I find the items I want? These are questions that come to mind. I’ve wanted to make this process a little easier with a list of my holiday essentials. Enjoy! 🌞

“Book the ticket, buy the bikini and never look back.”



During hot summer days it’s not ideal to wear jeans. In jeans I mostly feel trapped when it’s warm outside so that’s why I’d rather wear a pantalon. I always thought a pantalon was something you only wear to work, but it’s actually a great type of pants to wear during summer. At the moment I especially like this striped pair. It’s simple, great for casual occasions and also suitable for fancy events.


With bracelets I always go through these fases of wearing or not wearing them. But during summer I always feel like I want to wear lots of them because they remind me of summertime. Whenever I am on holiday, I tend to always buy a bracelet. Kind of as a souvenir. These four are the ones I love to wear the most and I’ve bought one in Antwerp, Copenhagen and some other cities (oh, and for me wearing these bracelets is a great way to see if I got a tan or not haha).



A couple of summers ago I got my first pair of sandals since I was little, and I wore them almost every time when the weather was nice. Unfortunately they didn’t last after last summer, so it was time for me to go and find a new pair of sandals. When I was on the hunt for some new sandals, I actually found two pairs I really liked. Both of them are pretty different but still kind of in the same style. Besides these flat ones, I also found a couple I like that have a heel. Both type of sandals you are able to wear in different situations, just like the pantalon. Everyone should own a pair of sandals (or two) for summer because they have become a staple in my shoe collection.

“ERIKA” SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban (similar here)


Something that should definitely be mentioned in this essentials list is a pair of good sunglasses. For the longest time I used to buy a new pair of cheap sunglasses every single summer. This was the easiest way for me, I thought, until I discovered this pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. 🕶 These actually protect your eyes against the sun and the “Erika” model is suitable for so many different face types, which is great!


Whenever someone travels, you’ll see tons of photos of it on Instagram. Most of the time it starts at the airport with a boarding pass featuring cute passport cover photo. I do have a passport but since I mostly travel within Europe, I just travel with my ID card. I do always like to bring a passport cover (even tough I don’t use it for my passport) to keep all of the important papers I have to take with me. How cute is this one? Perfect for flat lay photos like these.


You might be able to tell that I already got tons of items for my holiday to Edinburgh, which I am very excited about. We don’t know what kind of weather it will be in Edinburgh, so that’s why this doesn’t feature shorts for example. Of course every type of holiday has different essentials. That’s why I decided to feature all kinds of different essentials in this blog post. Are you excited for summer break? What are your holiday essentials?




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48 responses to “The Best Stories Are Found Between The Pages Of A Passport | Essentials: Holiday

  1. I love reading these kind of posts – I find it so interesting to see what people take with them when they go on holiday! Your passport cover is so cute!! And have fun in Edinburgh, I loved it when I went a few years ago. :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. I love the sandals! I definitely need to get myself a similar pair. Have fun in Edinburgh, I’ve been there before and it’s lovely!☺️x

  3. The brown sandals are my favourite pair! Also; good idea to invest once in sunglasses of quality.

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