Life Can Be Bitter, Your Coffee Shouldn’t Be | Chummy Coffee, Leiden

Leiden is a city filled with lovely places and hotspots to discover. Sometimes I like to just cycle through Leiden and look for new places to go. Whenever I cycle to my work, I always end up passing Chummy Coffee. This is a hotspot that has been in Leiden since last summer I believe. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t been there before. But when Eline and I needed some time to catch up, we decided to sit down at Chummy Coffee and of course I had to share it on here so you can see what it is like! 

Chummy Coffee | Breestraat 97, Leiden

Chummy Coffee is located in a beautiful old building, which you see a lot of in Leiden. They have renovated the place but it still has some of the old features in it as well. For example, some things that caught my eye about Chummy Coffee is the outside and also the stained glass windows, which you can see in the photos above.

The inside interior of Chummy Coffee is very simple and clean looking, which matches very well with the outside as well. There is a front and back where you are able to sit and enjoy your coffee. In the back are a couple of tables so this is where you have a little more room. But Eline and I decided to sit in the front because this way we could look outside. One of my favorite things is looking at all of the different people that walk by. With sitting in the front of Chummy Coffee comes that you have this ‘Enjoy Black Coffee’ sign above the table. Very instagrammable, right?

When we sat down, we both took a lot at the menu. Chummy Coffee has a very big selection of different kinds of coffees, lattes, teas and also cold drinks. On top of the menu it says: “We don’t use regular coffee beans, we use specialty beans from Caffènation”. On their Instagram I had seen this photo and that’s where they introduced some new kinds of specialty coffee that they now also use at Chummy Coffee. If you are really interested in coffee, this is the place to be an I am sure they will tell you all about it.

If you know me, I am not very into coffee, I am more a tea person. That’s why I went for a simple white tea. Eline on the other hand went for something really exciting, a Crazy Crunch. This is a latte with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and M&M’s crunch. Both our drinks got served on this small plate with a small piece of ‘boterkoek’. ‘Boterkoek’ is a Dutch type of traditional cake with lots of butter in it, like the name suggests. It’s one of my favorite things to bake actually, so maybe I will do a post on that? Let me know if you would like to see that! Anyways, as you can tell from the photos below, Eline’s drink looked really cute and mine was just very plain, which is understandable since I just got a white tea haha (it was really good though). Maybe next time I will get something exciting as well…

We both really enjoyed our tea and latte, and in the meantime we got to catch up, which is the main reason we actually ended up in Leiden at Chummy Coffee! If you want to visit Chummy Coffee as well, you can find them at Breestraat 97 in Leiden. Eline and I already discussed going back there and then also try some of their homemade cakes or treats because I bet these will be very delicious. Have you ever been to a hotspot like Chummy Coffee? What do you like better: Coffee or tea?




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66 responses to “Life Can Be Bitter, Your Coffee Shouldn’t Be | Chummy Coffee, Leiden

  1. The coffee looks so good and it sounds great. When I am in Leiden I will visit that place and grab a cup of coffee.

  2. Het gebouw ziet er van buiten al prachtig uit! Het doet me denken aan Parijs op de één of andere manier, zo minimal en elegant. De koffie ziet er trouwens ook echt goed uit! Ik hou ervan als een zaak speciale koffies maakt :) Al is een heerlijke thee op zijn tijd ook zeker niet verkeerd.

  3. Ik ben dol op koffie en dat ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik heb zoiets nog nooit zoiets gehad! Het gebouw ziet er ook super uit.

  4. Oh, die koffie met M&M crunch! Heerlijk :) Ik ben de laatste tijd best vaak in Leiden, maar deze plek kende ik nog niet. Goede tip!

  5. Oh.. this place looks awesome. I’m a big fan of coffee and tea, so I would love to go and try some!

  6. Deze hotspot ziet er zo knus uit, ik hou echt van zulke plekken! Vind Chummy Coffee ook echt een leuke en schattige naam!

  7. Leuk tentje! Die koffie van je vriendin doet me denken aan de iced coffee die ik in Panama dronk. Daar kon je zelf van alles bij kiezen. De mijne smaakte naar After Eight. Oh, wat zou ik graag nog eens drinken. Net als die koffie… Zooooo lekker! Veel lekkerder dan wat wij hier allemaal drinken… :)

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