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I think I’ve mentioned this before but I really like to buy coffee table books. When (in the future) I will have my very own house, you will definitely find lots of coffee table books laying around. Of course I like coffee table books with beautiful photographs in it, but at the moment I actually prefer ones with stories in them as well. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about my favorite coffee table books. It was really difficult to choose only five but I hope you’ll like these as much as I do! 💕

BLOOM’ by Estée Lalonde | ‘THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NOT GIVING A F**K’ by Sarah Knight


I’ve been following Estée’s blog and social media for a little while when I found out that she was bringing out ‘Bloom’. ‘Bloom’ is split up into eight parts: Life, people, work, beauty, fashion, home, travel and food. Every single part has a different pastel color and features some lovely photos (also some funny throwback ones). It’s all about how moments, people and things that have made Estée into the person she is today. It’s kind of like a guide to finding yourself. Besides that, she also shares tons of tips on the different topics she discusses in the book. Very good coffee table book material!


The title is already something that made me want to have this book. If you are easily offended, you might not like it as much but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to express yourself. And sometimes that happens with expressions like f**k. 🙊 Anyways, everything in the book is very relatable and also funny. From being on a budget to friends and awkward situations. Every once in awhile I think it’s fun to grab this book and read a random chapter in it.

CELEBRATE’ by Lauren Conrad


Ever since The Hills, Lauren Conrad has been my favorite person. Not just as a celebrity because she’s very normal and has the cutest style. She has written different books (I own most of them as well) and ‘Celebrate’ is all about how to organize the best party. The chapters are divided in different kinds of parties like a birthday party, engagement party or housewarming. There is a step by step guide to follow when you’re organizing a party. From the concept to the decor. It features different recipes, drinks and more. 🍸 Put ‘Celebrate’ on your coffee table and if you need any inspiration for a party, just grab this book, open it and enjoy all of the pretty photos and tips.

NOTE TO SELF‘ by Connor Franta


When I got ‘Note To Self’, I didn’t really know what to expect. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading this book and I’ve been loving it. Connor has written every single chapter very honestly and vulnerable. For example, he talks about heartbreak, anxiety, life lessons and more. In between all of the chapter are also featured some poems and beautiful photographs taken my Connor. The chapters are very easy to read separately plus the cute outside is what makes this a very good coffee table book.

“This is an open diary. This gives my insides a voice through visuals and poetry; this is me spilled out on paper.”

❝ ON TOP ❞

The last one in this list is actually a book I finished reading in about two days. In ‘On Top’ you are able to read all about Anna Nooshin’s life and how she got to where she is right now. Books like this I find very interesting when it’s written by a inspiring person, like Anna. I especially enjoyed the chapter where she talks about her experience in New York (my favorite city!). Besides all of the stories, you will also like all of the cute polaroid photos in the book.

ON TOP’ by Anna Nooshin

These are my top five coffee table books at the moment! There are still a couple of coffee table books on my wish list and for some reason I keep adding more haha. Like you can tell from the ones I’ve listed above, coffee table books don’t have to be books with just inspirational photos, they can also be readable and just look really cute. If I had to chose a favorite from the five I mentioned, I think I would have to go for ‘Celebrate’ from Lauren Conrad. ☺️ Did you like this type of blog post? What is your favorite coffee table book?




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50 responses to “These Are Some Of My Favorite & The Most Inspirational Coffee Table Books | Five Things

  1. Wat een leuke tips!! Vooral die eerste klinkt interessant. Ik ben net begonnen aan ‘Babe, you got this’ en ben nu al enthousiast :)

  2. Alle boeken klinken interessant. The life changing magic of not giving a f**k lijkt mij erg leuk. :)

  3. These all sound amazing but that Sarah Knight one sounds right up my alley – everyone did the Marie Kondo thing and it got a bit repetitive. By all means clean up if that makes you feel better but jumping on a trend gets super boring after awhile :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. Im in love with lauren conrads book! Got it for christmas last year!!!! thanks for the ideas of more

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