Let’s Make A Colorful Pom Pom Garland | Summer Inspired DIY

During summer I am definitely more into bright colors. Not only for clothing items but also for interior pieces. Since I like to be creative, I was scrolling through some DIY stuff on Pinterest and found this pom pom garland. On a rainy summer day (yes, we have a lot of those in The Netherlands) I thought I would try to create one and since I loved the end result, I just had to share it on here! Hopefully you’ll like it as well ☀️

For this pom pom garland DIY you’ll need: lots of colors of wool, a fork and a pair of scissors. I know, a fork? Well, since I want to make a pom pom garland with small pom poms, I used a fork (just like Tara Dennis did). If you prefer to make yours a little bigger, just use your fingers (just like in this DIY).

#1: First of all, you need to choose the colors you want to work with. I decided to go for a very colorful pom pom garland but you can stick to whatever color theme you like. So get your different colors of wool out and choose the first color you to make a pom pom from.

#2: Now it is time to use the fork. You might think this is weird but it will make sense in a second. Grab your ball of wool and start wrapping the wool around the fork, just like I did in the photos above.

#3: How many times do you have to wrap it around? Well, I just kept wrapping the wool around the fork until I thought it was enough. Especially for you I did count how many times I wrapped it around and it was about 80 until 100 times (it really depends on the type of wool). In the photos you are able to see how thick the wool looks around the fork before I went on to the next step.

#4: Cut a 15 cm piece of the wool you just used. Thread this through the middle of the fork and tie the piece into a knot. This has to be a very tight one because you want it to end up looking like a little bow.

#5: Slide the little bow from the fork. Now you have to cut the two little loops on both sides of the bow. When you’ve done this, it will start looking like a little pom pom already but not quiet yet.

#6: To make it into a pom pom, start trimming the long pieces of the pom pom to make it look more round. The more you trim the pom pom, the more dense (and better) it will look but don’t cut it too short. It might take some time to get it right but that’s okay.

#7: When you’ve made enough pom poms (of course the amount depends on how long you want your garland to be), it’s time to make it into a garland. At first I decided on the order of the pom poms, because I didn’t want the same kind of colors next to each other. After that, lay out the length of thread you want to use to attach the pom poms to. I just took a pom pom at a time and tied them to the thread. At first I thought it wouldn’t look good that way, but it ended up looking fine. Btw, when you’ve attached the first pom pom, look at what space you like between the pom poms (you can do whatever you want of course).

And voilá, my pom pom garland is done! I am very happy with how it turned out since it was so easy to make. On the photos I’ve draped it around a shelve but you can also drape the garland around a mirror for example. But you can put it wherever you want, like how you can choose the colors you want. What do you think of my pom pom garland? Are you going to try to make this?




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63 responses to “Let’s Make A Colorful Pom Pom Garland | Summer Inspired DIY

  1. Zo leuk!! Die dingen doen me echt denken aan vroeger toen ging ik dat altijd knutselen 😍👌🏽

  2. This is so cute! Makes me want to find an excuse to throw a summer party just so I can use this as decoration. :)


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