Always Looking For Cozy Places When I Am Abroad | Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh

As you know, before I go on a trip, I make a list of hotspots I want to visit while I am there. One of the first places that was on our list for when we would go to Edinburgh, was actually Lovecrumbs. Lotte and I had both seen so many photos of this shop on Instagram, we just had to go there. Throughout our days in Edinburgh we were never really on route to Lovecrumbs… But on our last day we finally ended up being in the neighborhood and we were hungry so we went to Lovecrumbs for some lunch (and maybe some cake as well). 🍰 In this post you’ll see and read all about this cute hotspot!

Lovecrumbs | 155 West Port, Edinburgh

First of all, how adorable is the name of this hotspot? I thought it was so sweet and when I saw the photos it just looked like something I would love. Since I am posting this, I did really love it. Lovecrumbs is a coffee shop and cafe with some beautiful cakes on display (when you get further into this post, you’ll see what I mean). They have a pretty select menu but I always like that when it comes to coffee shops like this one.

In this blog post I just want to put all of the photos I took at Lovecrumbs because the interior is so adorable. When you walk in, the first thing you see is the display with cakes in it. It makes you hungry immediately. Besides that there is also a corner with some knick knacks to buy. On the other side of Lovecrumbs are all of the places where you can have a seat and enjoy your drink and food.

One thing you can’t see in the photos is the part where you actually sit in the window. They have a look place in the windows with pillows and a little table. It looks very cute. Unfortunately it was taken otherwise we definitely would have taken that place. We decided to sit beside the piano on a table. You can also sit at the piano because they have made it into a little table. Oh, and above the piano is a neon sign that says “Nice Times”, which I really wanted to bring home haha.

Since we had a pretty long walk before we ended up at Lovecrumbs, we were both really hungry. First we got something to drink, Lotte got a fresh apple juice and I got a lemonade of course, and had a look at the menu. The menu was pretty small but I think that’s part of a hotspot like Lovecrumbs.

Throughout this whole trip we were pretty healthy (I think) so we wanted to keep this going and got a salmon sandwich and a ricotta with tomato sandwich. Both our sandwiches were so tasty, I really loved mine. While we were enjoying our sandwiches, we discussed what we would do the rest of the day since we almost had to go to the airport.

After our delicious sandwiches, we kept looking at the pretty cake display… And yes, we decided to get a piece of cake as well. Lotte went for the lemond curd & chocolate ganache tart and I went for the victoria sponge. Let me tell you, these cakes made me want to get home and start baking again. I am definitely going to try and make a victoria sponge because it was so delicious. I would really recommend going here if you want to escape the touristy stuff in Edinburgh. It’s a bit more excluded from the rest of the city but on our walk to Lovecrumbs, we did see some sights like Grassmarket. Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Would you also go to Lovecrumbs?




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73 responses to “Always Looking For Cozy Places When I Am Abroad | Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh

  1. I’m studying abroad in Edinburgh this fall and after seeing this post, this is top of my list of cafes to go to! Would love any more recommendations you have! xx

  2. It looks like a very nice place to be. The food also looks nice. I can see why you’ve enjoyed it so much!

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