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It’s always a good time to share some of my favorite things, right? Well, at least I thought it was. It has been a while since I’ve posted a Loves Lately post and that’s because I just didn’t have any favorite things I wanted to share with you. But over summer break I have discovered some (new) favorite things. This Loves Lately post features a very expensive purchase, some fashion things, a really random thing and more. Enjoy! 💫

MAKEUP BAG: Zoella Beauty | RISE & SHINE STUDS: Riverstones

In stores abroad they always have other things than in your own country. That’s why I also really enjoyed looking at basic stores like Boots and Superdrug. They had a lot of makeup brands that aren’t available in The Netherlands. Besides that, they also had a couple of things from the Zoella Beauty collection. I found this small purple makeup bag from her collection and fell in love. Apart from the cute color, shape and saying on it, I thought it was perfect to keep in my bag with some essentials.

As you might know, I am crazy about dainty earrings. Lately I have been wearing my new rise & shine studs a ton. They are just the perfect size and since it’s a set, they look so cute together. Besides my earrings, I’ve also been loving pins. You might already have seen a couple in my Instastories but I’ve especially been loving these really cute travel pins. I think pins are really lovely to spice up an outfit because there are so many different ones. Maybe I should do a blog post about my pin collection (which is getting a little out of hand)?

CAMERA & PASSPORT PIN: Lenses & Locals | CANON M10 CAMERA: Bol.com

And now onto something really exciting and very expensive as well… For the past months I’ve been looking for a good quality camera but in a smaller size. I did so much research, read reviews, looked at test photographs… And then I decided to take the plunge and buy the Canon M10! Just before I went to Edinburgh, I bought the camera because I wanted to test it out to the fullest while I was on holiday. And let me tell you, this is such a good camera for taking blog photos. The quality of the photographs are lovely, the size of the camera is perfect and the camera looks cute as well (very important). So this camera definitely had to be featured in here. If you want to know more about the Canon M10 and my experience with it, just leave a comment below!

BABE, YOU GOT THIS‘ by Martje Haverkamp & Emilie Sobels: Bol.com

Yes, I also have a favorite book of the moment, which I want to mention in here. I always try to read more often, especially now I have a little more time on my hands. I’ve had this book laying around for a little while and I finally started it. “Babe, you got this” is a very inspirational book filled with tips and stories from inspirational women. To be honest, I’ve only read a couple of chapters but I am already loving it (and that’s of course why I am mentioning it in this post).

Another thing I’ve been loving lately is listening to podcasts. I was always really into watching videos but when I was working on my thesis, I really enjoyed listening to something while I was writing. One of the podcasts I really liked was “At Home With…” from Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton. And the reason why I say ‘liked’ is because I already listened to all of their episodes (hopefully they will do another season pretty soon). In their podcast Lily and Anna talk to inspiring people while they are walking through their home. Btw, you can just use the Podcast app on your iPhone to listen to it, for free!


Lastly, I have a pretty random favorite. It is actually my polka dot duvet cover, which I’ve used for the photos in this blog post. Most of the time I just have white duvet cover on my bed but I just felt like changing it up. This duvet cover actually makes my bed look a lot cozier, which I wanted. But now I am obsessed with polka dots. I am still looking for the perfect polka dots blouse, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! Btw, what is your love lately? Which of my favorites do you love as well?




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  1. Wat een leuke post! Ik heb dat boek ook nog op de to be read stapel liggen. Ik hoor er alleen maar goede dingen over, dus ik moet er toch maar eens in gaan beginnen :)

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