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It has been some time since I last posted something about a couple of hotspots in one city. I really want to do this more often because I love wandering around and finding new places I end up falling in love with. Anyways, Leiden is a city I go to very often. I know it pretty much inside and out. But for some reason I still end up finding new hotspots, which is actually amazing. This means there is so much more to discover about this city. For now I want to share five unique shops I think you must visit whenever you are in Leiden. Enjoy! 🌟

Wonderful Nature | Breestraat 114C, Leiden

Wonderful Nature has been in the centre of Leiden for a while now, but I only got to visit it once. After that time, I really wanted to share it on here so it was a good excuse to go back. The name of this store says a lot, because they sell all kinds of interior accessories. One thing I really like about Wonderful Nature is that they sell these beautiful butterflies in a stolp. The store owner makes these herself in their atelier. If you’re looking for unique interior pieces, you should definitely have a look in here.

WOW Duurzaam Design | Breestraat 116, Leiden

A couple doors from Wonderful Nature is WOW Duurzaam Design. At WOW you are able to find products designed by young creators and small labels, which are mostly from The Netherlands and Belgium. When you enter the store, it really looks like something that actually belongs in Scandinavia because of the clean look. The products are so beautiful and delicate. Whenever I get my very own house, I want to put one of the wired deer antlers on my wall. Don’t you?

PLUUM Lekkers & Leuks | Burgsteeg 2, Leiden

I’ve already mentioned PLUUM in a couple of other posts but I just really adore this store. Whenever I am in Leiden, I always make sure to go in here to see what they have. PLUUM is also a store with lots of interior pieces but they also sell stationery stuff, the cutest kitchen things and more. Right now they have made corner filled with plants and everything that has to do with taking care of plants, which I just love. 🌱 Besides that, PLUUM is my go to store whenever I need a special gift because they have so many different things, which makes it a lot easier to find something that the person will like.

EDUARD | Hooglandse Kerkgracht 6, Leiden

One of my favorite spots in Leiden is the Hooglandse Kerk. This is a part in Leiden where you can take great photographs and that’s where I discovered EDUARD. EDUARD is all about honest, sustainable, unique, crafty, re-used and design. It’s a concept store with a large collection of different (and unique) products. They sell bags, jewelry, stationary, watches, interior things and more, which are mostly made from re-used products and produced sustainably.

Concept Store MEI | Pieterskerk-Choorsteeg 18, Leiden

The last shop I want to recommend is another concept store. I never realized there are actually concept stores in Leiden until now. Anyways, Concept Store MEI is located in another part of Leiden, which I love, near the Pieterskerk. This is literally in the centre of the city but it’s never busy. At MEI you can really find some unique treasures. The store has some kind of vintage bohemian vibe to it, which is lovely. One thing I really liked were the vintage pieces, like typewriters and cameras (as you know I have a little vintage camera collection and I will show you it very soon). If you don’t go to Leiden very often, you can also check out their webshop.

These are all of my recommendations at this moment. I am sure there will open up more new stores in Leiden in the next couple of months so that’s when I might do another one. I actually loved visiting these stores, taking the photos and just enjoy a day of exploring. This is something I hadn’t done in awhile because of school stuff. Now that I have a little more time, I definitely plan on doing that more. Let me know which city you would like to see a blog post about! 🚲 Have you ever visited one of these? What is a unique shop you love visiting?




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  1. Meteen die eerste winkel al, wow wat gaaaf! Ik ben geloof ik ooit 1 keer in Leiden geweest maar wil nu eigenlijk asap nog eens terug.

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