If It Doesn’t Open, It’s Not Your Door | Leather Keychain DIY

Lately I have been seeing so many different keychains on webshops. Some of them looked pretty easy to make myself so I had already pinned some DIY stuff to my Pinterest board. When I finally had some spare time, I took a look at all of the things I pinned and decided to make two different kinds of keychains! Hopefully you’ll have just as much fun with creating these like I did ☺️


What you’ll need | Suede leather (color of your choice), a key ring, glue and scissors.

How to | The first thing you have to do is cut the piece of suede leather you want to use. Suede leather is the best for this DIY because it’s very flexible. The size of the leather piece really depends on the size you want your tassel keychain to be. The width is better when it’s in between ten and twenty centimeters. The length depends on how thick you want your tassel to be. In the photos you can tell what size mine was and decide for your own.

When you’ve cut the piece of leather like you want it, it’s time to lay it out and to cut the fringe. You have to leave about two centimeters from the top because this is where you have to glue it all together. You can cut the strings until the two centimeters you have to leave at the top. I just went by eye for the size of the fringe strings and alternated between different sizes so it would look natural. The smaller you cut the strings, the thicker your tassel gets.

Now grab the first string on the right side of your suede leather piece and glue it to the two centimeters at the top. In the photos you can exactly follow what I did. Remember to add your key ring as well. Let this dry for a little and then add the glue to the two centimeters you’ve left open. Now you have to roll the fringe all the way to the end of your suede leather piece. Make sure to let it dry enough before playing around with it. After that, your tassel keychain is done! In the end I end up making different sized tassel keychains with different colors of suede leather.


What you’ll need | Leather (colors and thickness of your choice), metal pendants (sizes of your choice), a letter punch set, a hammer, a key ring, glue and scissors.

How to | For this you also have to cut out a piece of leather you want to use. Pick the length and thickness of the pieces because this will determine what your keychain will look like. Grab the key ring of your choice and wrap the leather piece around. Now you have to add glue to the leather piece so you can connect the sides of it together. You can do this any way you like. When you’ve connected the pieces together, glue the part of the leather just underneath the key ring together so it won’t move around anymore.

I let this dry for just a minute and then I got my letter punch set and hammer out. Make sure you put some type of wooden piece underneath your leather when you are going to use the letter punch set. This will protect the surface underneath (you don’t want any dents in your table). Then it’s time to make a decision about what you want to have on your leather keychain. I just chose some very simple sayings like “Good Vibes”, “Dream Big” and my own name. It’s such a fun way to personalize your stuff!

Besides putting something on the leather part of your keychain, I also added a metal pendant to it. On the metal pendant you can also put your name if you like. Since my letter punch set also has a heart in it, I used that. You can attach this to your keychain with a little ring, like I did. And then your personalized keychain is ready to be used!

I am very happy with how my keychains turned out! Since I had never used a letter punch set before, I was very interested to see what it would do. While I was making these, I thought of how cute they would be to give to someone as a gift! You can personalize everything about both of them so I think you can make someone very happy with it. In the future I will definitely be making more of these and maybe even use the letter punch set for clothing items or make some jewelry pieces. Did you like this DIY? Have you ever made your own keychains?




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