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Fall is definitely here in The Netherlands. A couple of weeks ago the weather slowly started changing. You might know this already, but fall is for sure my favorite season. The love for this season is especially big when it isn’t raining. Anyways, I was looking through some trends for fall and one thing really stood out to me: polka dots! Last year I really wanted a top or dress with a star pattern and this year it’s all about the dots. Hopefully you’ll like this fall inspired outfit as much as I do. 🌿


When fall peaks around the corner, I always have to re-organize my closet. Put the summer clothes in the back and get the fall/winter clothes out. My fall/winter wardrobe mostly consists of thick sweater, fluffy socks and of course different kind of jackets. 🍂 One of those is this suede leather jacket. Because of the neutral color, it looks good with literally everything.

A good black pair of jeans is always a staple in your fall wardrobe. I wear my pair of black jeans so much, that I just needed a new pair to get me through fall and winter. Ichi is my favorite brand for jeans because they fit me just the right way. Most of the time I get the Erin Izaro kind but this time I got the Lulu Flash ones. These are a lot more skinny fitted, which I really like.


Like the title of this post already says, this post is mainly focused on one item with polka dots. Well, for this outfit it’s all about this polka dot blouse. For fall I actually found that patterned clothing items are definitely on trend. I have to be honest, I couldn’t find a blouse or top with just the right size dots. The polka dots on this blouse are small and they are like randomly placed all over the blouse, which I like. Definitely one of my favorite items to wear this season!

SILVER WATCH: Lucardi | BRACELET: Beads By Lotte | RISE & SHINE STUDS: Riverstones

On my wrist I am firstly wearing a silver watch, which I received from Lucardi some time ago. Right now I am into wearing watches again. First off because then I don’t have to look at my phone to see the time, and second because I like watches as an accessory. With that I am also wearing this fake skin bracelet🐯 For fall I think it is lovely to wear and combine different kind of prints together. Mostly I am not really into patterned animal skins like this, but since it features all of the colors you want to wear during fall, I am starting to like it a lot more.

For earrings I am wearing my new rise & shine studs. I had been eying these for some time now, so when I handed in my thesis, I got these for myself as a little present. It’s always a good idea to gift yourself something, am I right?

BLUE CROSSBODY BAG: Topshop | BROWN BOOTS: Shabbies Amsterdam

I never really take small bags with me because I always want to take too much stuff with me haha. But I want to get used to taking a smaller bag with me whenever I go to Leiden or something like that. That’s what this small light blue crossbody bag is perfect for. Besides that, it also adds some color to the outfit (and you can add the DIY keychains to it).

Lastly, a fall outfit isn’t complete without a pair of booties. Every single year I find the cutest boots I want to get for the new fall/winter season. This year I didn’t want to get a new pair since I already have so many. So with this outfit I am wearing my brown boots from Shabbies Amsterdam, which is my favorite brand for boots. And that’s all for this look! It’s so casual but I like how I dressed it up with the colored crossbody bag. Are you excited for fall? What’s your favorite item to wear during fall?




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46 responses to “Got The Hots For Polka Dots | Outfit

  1. Heerlijk outfitje! En een leuke manier van foto’s maken; niet zo standaard! En leuk horloge natuurlijk. Duh. Watches are life.

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